What is "LPFM"?

If you talk to a DJ, volunteer or staff person involved with gettting WEQY on the air, creating programming or just advocating for equity on the airwaves here on the East Side of St. Paul, you're likely to hear the term "low-power FM" (LPFM for short). What exactly is this? An FM signal broadcasting at a very low wattage, yes, but it's more:  it's a movement to diversify the voices available on the otherwise corporate-dominated radio airwaves.  Read about LPFM and WEQY's role in this movement...

Urban Agenda comes to WEQY 104.7 fm

We are excited to announce that Lissa Jones will be bringing her recorded show, Urban Agenda, to WEQY 104.7 fm. For years, Urban Agenda has been a cherished and celebrated show in the Twin Cities. This show brilliantly and unapologetically tackles issues around race and racism in ways that are informative, thought provoking, and entertaining. As a consultant, Lissa’s talent and skills have been central to WEQY’s early success and ability to realize our goal of creating a station that empowers our East Side community through engagement and critical dialogue. It seems fitting that as we begin

The signals of Twin Cities LPFM stations combined

Map showing 3 Twin Cities LPFM station broadcast signals overlapping and reachng across the metro.
The potential reach of 3 collaborating Twin Cities LPFM stations.

WEQY has been meeting with and discussing ongoing collaboration with 2 other Twin Cities community-based low-power FM (LPFM or LP for short) stations that are also in the process of getting on the air --  WFNU  (Frogtown Neighborhood Association)  and KSMP (Waite House).  These partners, under the collective name Twin Cities Commuity Radio, published this graphic of our potentially overlapping signals. Thanks to our friends at the Frogton Neighborhood Association (Julie and Sam) and Waite House (Brendan) for their stewardship in the collaborative's process and for posting this map.

It's exciting to see and imagine the reach and power we'll have for the voices in our respective communities via this broadcast resource. We look forward to seeing this vision thrive!  Check out the Twin Cities Community Rado Facebook page for more info on their efforts (link below).  Check out WEQY's and join our (your!) station.