Get a Show!

Thank you for your interest in hosting a show on WEQY-FM.  We have recieved an overwhelming amount of interest and are taking the time to develop our current shows and talent.  We will continue to take submissions to keep on file and you will be contacted if a slot opens up.   

The East Side's new station, WEQY-FM, is a non-profit station sponsored by the Dayton's Bluff Community Council. It will celebrate and reflect the diversity of our community through culturally specific and multi-lingual programming. We are seeking program proposals for radio shows to begin broadcasting on the East Side sometime in early fall. We are looking for local, relevant, unique, exciting, engaging, and quality music and talk programs. Training is available and no experience is required!

Local – content that is sourced from or about the East Side.

Relevant – closely connected to the listeners.

Unique – original and different than programs on other stations in the broadcast region. Programming that stands out from other stations.

Exciting – programming that causes listeners to be eager and enthusiastic to listen again, spread the word, and donate funds.

Engaging – programming that draws the listener in.

Quality – programming that is of high technical specification, great creativity, and particular interest to the listener when compared to programs on other stations in the broadcast range.

Please fill out the questionnaire below. If you don't have answers to every question, just fill out what you can. Click "Submit" and your form will be emailed to us.  If you have questions, send us a message from our Contact page or call Kartumu King at 651-214-9217, or via the Dayton's Bluff Community Council main number, 651-772-2075.

Enter a title for your new or existing show.
Provide a short, 1-3 sentence description of your program's vision or concept.
What is your show's format (eg. "Music" "Talk" "Drama" etc.)?
What is the proposed length for your show (e.g. 30 minutes, 1 hour, 15 minutes)?
List the number of years and type of experience you have using computers (if any -- no experience is required to have a show!)
List the number of years and type of experience you have recording audio (if any -- no experience is required to have a show!)
Let us know about other experience you have -- length and type -- that is relevant to your particular show or for WEQY radio in general. Again, no experience is necessarily required to have a show on WEQY.
If you have shows already recorded, let us know in what format and how many. If you have shows ready to be recorded (music selected, scripts written) give us details about what you have ready.
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